Vivian Slade

Vivian Head Shot

Vivian Slade is a vocalist, instrumentalist, songwriter, composer, actor and author. Before creating the story and music for The Dragon King, she focused her efforts primarily in the rock/pop genre. She toured the East coast from 1998 to 2000, receiving rave reviews and charting on college radio before settling in Nashville to raise her two daughters. The Dragon King has been translated into Spanish and in addition, a values curriculum with accompanying teacher's manual and textbook is available using thirteen character traits exemplified in Ethan's adventure. One copy of The Dragon King is being donated for ever copy sold as part of a campaign to give away one million copies of the book to orphanages, hospitals and schools around the globe. Vivian is also currently working on the stage production for The Dragon King.

To find out more about The Dragon King; The Dragon King character building curriculum, or how you can donate The Dragon King to your local school, children’s hospital, or school for the blind, please visit We welcome your ideas for new ways to spread Ethan’s inspiring message to young and hungry ears. You can hear more of Vivian’s music at